Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am enough

Look at that tiny hand in his....so safe and loved.
I remember this feeling as a little girl, so sure of my father's love for me.
What a gift we give to our children in even the simplest of moments.
Just to know that they are loved.
That they are enough just the way they are.
Recently Lilly asked me if I was proud of her for finishing her chores.
Of course I was but at the same time I thought to myself...here it starts...looking outide of herself for validation. To be told that she is enough and that it is connected to what she does.
And I am not saying that kids should not do chores. Just to be clear.
So, I said to her 'You did do a great job. It's important to pick up our things. But did you know that I love you just because you are you. I love you just the way you are. No matter what.'
She just smiled and hugged me with a little sparkle in her eye.

So that has got me thinking lately about 'enough'.
How often we don't think we are enough.
If you were totally honest with yourself, how many times a day is there a thought of not enoughness running through your mind. I am not thin enough, I didn't handle that situation with my child good enough, I wasn't a good enough listener to my friend/husband/mother....., I didn't clean the house enough, I didn't eat healthy enough, I didn't study enough, I didn't exercise enough......
The underlying theme to every single one of these thoughts is that I am not enough just the way I am.
When did that start?
When did I decide that my presence here on the planet at this precise moment in time was not enough. That I have to do more, be more, give more...to be validated...to be loved....to be enough.
I want to stop this self abuse.
It is making me exhausted.
How about you?
Have you had enough of thinking that you are not enough?
Say it with me.......I AM ENOUGH.
Think of somebody who loves you.....just as you are.
Can you love yourself like that?
Think of how much you are loved by the force that created you.
I am enough. I am enough. I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.

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