Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cure

Sometimes when life gets you down and it's raining...again and you start to forget all the reasons to be grateful there is an easy and inexpensive cure.
Put your beautiful daughters in the car. Drive to your local A&W.
Pull up to the outdoor eating area.  Stay in your car.
Push the button to call inside the restaurant.
Order three rootbeer floats.
Wait less then 10 minutes.
Pay the nice waitress.
And then the dilemma I drink the rootbeer or eat the ice cream?
All of your problems disappear as you ponder....
do I let the ice cream melt into the rootbeer making the whole thing some dreamy creamy milkshakey kind of heaven in a glass OR do I eat the ice cream with bits of crystallized rootbeer and then drink the remaining rootbeer? I personally love the crystallized rootbeer so I always choose option #2.
How about you?
Which would you choose?

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