Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is my father and my daughter.
He is teaching her which tools are which.
She was soaking it up like a sponge.
The kids call my Dad, Dad-Dad.
We referred to him as Grand Dad when our first
child was born (20 plus years ago)
and when Joshua was learning to talk he said Dad-Dad instead of Grand Dad and the name stuck.
Nicknames and their stories are so sweet, aren't they?
My father has made a living with his hands.
He is super talented and can build anything.
His work ethic is impeccable.
I really love my Dad.
Lately I have been aware of how many friends have lost their fathers and it reminds me to be so grateful that I can call my father up anytime or drive for 10 minutes and see him in person.
There have been so many struggles in the past five years that I often wonder how I have kept my sanity. Many times I have thought that these are the days I will long for when my parents or in-laws pass away. I won't remember these times for their troubles I will say....

 'oh, remember that time? that was when my dad was still alive' ...'
remember that day, that was when your mother was still with us.' 

Just writing that brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.
My memory will be kind to me.
  I won't say remember that day my car did not pass inspection and I was freezing cold but refused to turn the heat on because the propane was so expensive and we were still managing (barely) two mortgages and I was sick of concrete floors and unfinished houses.
I won't say that. I will say.....

'remember when our family friend passed away and it was a beautiful day
and I called my father to make plans to meet him at the funeral
and he made plans to help us put some trim on our windows?
remember that day when my dad was still alive'

That will be what I remember.
Let us keep it in perspective today, okay?
Let us know that our troubles are blessings in disguise.
Let us remember that if we tossed all of our troubles into a pile
we would rush back to grab our own.
Let us know that this day is precious and fleeting and this life is temporary.

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  1. Wow, BEAUTIFUL. Nothing else to say but wow. I love your dad.