Monday, September 19, 2011

What the world needs now...

 is love, sweet love.....
it's the only thing that there's just too little of.....

This song is playing in my ear now....
Can you hear it?

I love this song about love.
And I agree with the songwriter.
 The world needs more love.

Where could you be more loving today?

I will tell you that I could be more loving pretty much everywhere. My sweet dog of 15 years had several strokes early Friday morning and was slipping into a coma as our vet helped her cross over very peacefully. She was at home, in her own bed. She was snuggled up with hot water bottles and covered with blankets. She was surrounded by her family. I sat on the floor with Lilly and we rested our hands gently on our precious friend as her spirit slipped away from her body. 
Everyone was home except for our oldest son.
Fifteen years ago Belle had been a birthday present
for Joshua when he turned 5.
I have to wonder if Belle spared him that agony on purpose. Josh had just left for a fishing trip a few hours before she passed. Dogs tune in to their humans in ways we will never fully understand.
It amazes me.

 Her name was Belle and she was absolutely the sweetest dog you could ever ask for. She deserves a post all her own and I will write that as soon as my heart is able.
My point for today is the love....I have witnessed the grief in our family start to morph into irriation and grumpiness. Each person has their own way that they express their heartache and I work at respecting and honoring that both in myself and others. It has been challenging though to watch the grief escape in harsh words or express itself in stony silence.

I don't like it.
Belle wouldn't like it either.
She was all about love.
All for it.
The ONLY day in 15 years that she did not wag her tail was the very last day of her life.
She was a walking, wagging, joyful expression of love.
I miss her.
Join me today in giving the world more of what it needs in honor of my sweet Belle.

12.21.96 - 9.16.11

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  1. This is a beautiful, real slice of life and an honorable tribute to the amazingly wonderful and loving Belle. Thank you for writing so authentically.